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We support small food and drinks brands 
by securing listings across the UK


About us

We work with small food and drinks brands and secure them listings in independents, wholesaler and small/medium sized chains.


We see ourselves as an extension of your team and aim to work closely with you to grow your business and enable you to fulfil multinationals.

We present a more cost effective option for our clients whilst still providing expertise and successful outcomes.

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"Emily is a lot better than me at many things...


Standing out from the crowd (we first met at Food Matters Live in 2019 where she was the only one of hundreds who offered their services that we went on to work with) ...


Delivering what she promises (she led our charge into the wholesalers and independent retailers and has grown our business month-on-month for 17 months in a row)


and... Being persuasive!   


The simple truth is, I tried to hire her before and still would now, but she turned us down to run her own business. I doubt I'll be the last!"


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—  Jon Walsh, Co-Founder of Bio&Me


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